My Hobby

I better start posting in my blog regularly as I have been a bit ‘unproductive’ lately…No excuses though..just plain delaying,procastinating and a tinge of ‘lazines’…So this will be my 1st posting for year 2007..Heck!I am even one week late!

Talking about my hobby,actually it used to be bowling..It was not only a hobby but more of a passion..but since I started working on my own I had to stop bowling due to financial constraint..So I have started to rejuvenate my ‘old’ hobby which is drawing..The one that I am going to put in this blog is actually an old pic drawn by me way back in 2001! 6 long years! There was another one which was given to my wife when she was not even married to me way back in 95! So you can see the pattern..The gap shall I say the frequency of my artistic creation is about 5 years! Maybe it should make it more valuable..Anyway..those who are interested to purchase this drawing can contact me at I am serious.. Traditional Kedah House

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