Top 100 Misspelled Words In Blogs.

Yes guys, I would start the list from today and today I would start with15 of the most misspelled words in blogs. Hope this would help us in writing “better spelled” blogs.


This word should be spelled with –able and not –ible


Some still spelled it as accidently


Please remember that this word must include both a double “c” AND a double “m”.


Try not to leave out the c and spelled it as aquire.


See the previous discussion.

a lot

It should be in two words! Hopefully, you won’t have to allot a lot of time to this problem.


Amateurs ends on the French suffix -eur (the equivalent of English -er) and should not be spelled as amature.


Wrongly spelled as aparent or apparen.


Yes. It does come from argue but when it is a noun the e is ommited.


Please remember that this word comprises the prefix a- “not” + the “god” (also in the-ology) + -ist “one who believes.”


[i] usually comes before [e] except after [c] or when it is pronounced like “a” as “neighbor” and “weigh” or “e” as in “their” and “heir.”



It is not calandar or even calander. This word has an [e] between two [a]s.


Eventhough the front part do rhyme with “catastrophe” the middle letter is [e].


You should not bury the –ery and replace it with –ary.


Don’t throw away the e after the g!


Another -ible word. Make sure you collect this information.


2 comments on “Top 100 Misspelled Words In Blogs.

  1. Interesting listing mate, but just one point –art thou a miss?
    The relevance — I think you had an extra “s” (I often tease my ER — which is short for EsteemedReaders, as an extra Ass!) in “misspelled”? If you are mail like Desi, I won’t forgift thee!:)

  2. Ylchong,

    Thank you for the comment. As I seldom get any comment here, yours is much appreciated..

    Now I have another word to add to the list.. 🙂 “misspell”

    It was spelled correctly there as it is actually a combination of the prefix “-mis” and the base word “spell”, so when the word is combined to form a new word “misspell” there would be two ‘s’ in it. I am positive about this as I just checked my New Oxford Dictionary.

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