Fallen In Love With Love…

Tq to Shafina for the article.


Do you believe in love at first sight? Though some will disagree with
me,love at first sight is a physical and emotional impossibility. Why?
Because love is not simply a feeling of romantic excitement or hysical

These are the emotions that are unleashed at first sight, but they do
not constitute love. They are temporary feelings and they differ from
love in that they place the spotlight on the one experiencing them.

“What’s happening to me?” “This is the most fantastic thing I’ve ever
been through.” “I think I’m in love.” You see, these emotions are
selfish in the sense that they have very little to do with the new
lover. Such a person has not fallen in love with another person.
He’s fallen in love with love.

My friend Dawson McAllister tells a story which illustrates the
difference between romantic excitement and genuine love. He said,
“Let’s suppose you want to grow the world’s greatest plant. You
select the finest seed, plant it in the most fertile earth, water it
and put it out in sunshine.

“But do you have a plant?” Not yet. What you have is good chemistry
for a good plant. What’s missing is time. It’s the same when you
experience ‘love at first sight.’ It’s not really love yet, it’s

True love, when matured by time, puts the emphasis on the other
person, and that permits the relationship to survive for a lifetime.

– Dr James Dobson –

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