Peribahasa Inggeris UPSR/PMR/SPM


1.1 bite the the hand that feeds you

be unkind or disloyal to someone who has helped you, be kind to you, or your employer

bertindak jahat atau tidak setia kepada orang yang telah membantu anda, baik kepada anda, atau kepada majikan anda.

“ When Ali leaked sensitive information about his company to their competitor, he has bitten the hand that him.”

Equivalent Malay proverb / Peribahasa yang serupa dalam bahasa Melayu

Seperti kacang lupakan kulit

1.2 bite the dust

fail, defeated or destroyed


gagal, dikalahkan, atau dimusnahkan


1.3 bite your tounge

refrain/stop from saying something that might upset others or might cause argument eventhough you want to speak.


Menahan dari bercakap sesuatu yang boleh menyakitkan hati orang lain atau boleh memulakan pertengkaran


2.1 don’t make me laugh

something that you say when someone has suggested something that you think is not at all likely to happen

sesuatu yang anda cakap bila seseorang mencadangkan sesuatu yang anda rasa tidak mugkin akan berlaku.

‘You never know, maybe your father might help out.’ ‘My father? Help out? Don’t make me laugh!’

Equivalent Malay proverb / Peribahasa yang serupa dalam bahasa Melayu

Kucing bertanduk

2.2 laugh your head off

to laugh very much and very loudly.


Gelak/ketawa dengan kuat dan lama.


He laughed his head off when he watched the comedy movie.

Kamus BI yang disarankan / Recommended English dictionaries

Here are some reference books that I am currently using and I do believe they are good dictionaries that you can use to improve your English. The price shown is the recommended retail price (rrp) but you can get it cheaper at bookstores at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Just make sure you ask them first for discount. Minerva bookstore normally give you 10% discount while at Mukmin you can even haggle it lower esp. if you buy more than one books.

Title: New Oxford English–English–Malay Dictionary

Series:Intermediate Dictionaries



Year of Publication:2003

Published Price:RM 28.00



This dictionary has been specially written to make it the perfect study companion for intermediate to advanced learners of English in Malaysian schools. The strength of this dictionary lies in its clear definition of the 40 000 and more English words and its Malay equivalent for all entries.

There are also over 34 000 examples showing how to use these words in today’s English, as well as study pages and a grammar reference section.

The special addition to this dictionary is an updated English–Malay glossary of commonly used terms for Science and Mathematics.


Kamus ini ditulis khas untuk rujukan pelajar-pelajar bahasa Inggeris peringkat pertengahan dan atas di sekolah-sekolah di Malaysia. Kekuatan kamus ini ialah penerangan yang jelas lebih 40,000 perkataan-perkataan bahasa Inggeris dan maksudnya dalam bahasa Melayu.

Terdapat lebih 34,000 contoh-contoh ayat yang menujukkan bagaimana untuk menggunakan ayat ini dalam bahasa Inggeris masa kini, dan juga bahagian pelajaran dan bahagian rujukan tatabahasa.

Tambahan istimewa kamus ini ialah glosari bahasa Inggeris-bahasa Melayu yang dikemaskini untuk terma-terma Sains dan Matematik yang biasa digunakan.

Oxford Idioms Dictionary for learners of English
Series:Dictionary for Learners



Year of Publication:2001

Published Price:RM 39.90

A new edition of the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of English Idioms, enlarged and updated to reflect the English of the new millennium.

Edisi baru Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of English Idioms, diperbesarkan dan dikemaskinikan untuk sejajar dengan penggunaan bahasa Inggeris dalam kurun baru ini.

Key features

Contains over 10,000 British and American idioms that are frequently used by native speakers today.

Simple definitions help learners understand what the idioms mean.

Corpus-based examples show how idioms are used in everyday English.

Clear links guide learners to the idioms they need.

Interesting notes explain the origin of many idioms.

Usage notes give information on vocabulary or grammar in the idioms.

New illustrations for many of the more colouful, everyday idioms.


 Ciri-ciri Utama

Mengandungi lebih 10,000 peribahasa British dan American yang biasa digunakan oleh mereka yang bahasa ibunda mereka ialah bahasa Inggeris.

Definasi yang mudah membantu pelajar-pelajar memahami apa itu idioms.

Contoh-contoh berdasarkan Corpus menunjukkan bagaimana idioms­ digunakan dalam bahasa Inggeris seharian.

Pautan yang jelas membimbing pelajar-pelajar kepada idioms yang mereka perlukan.

Nota menarik yang menerangkan asal kebanyakan idioms.

Nota penggunaan memberi maklumat tentang tatabahasa dan kosakata dalam idioms  itu.


Gambarajah-gambarajah baru untuk idioms yang lebih menarik dan lebih biasa digunakan.