20 idioms for the day

1. abide by (something)

– follow the rules of something

The cleaning staff were forced to abide by the rules of the school.

2. able to breathe easily again

– able to relax and recover from a stressful time

My friend was able to breathe easily again when his company did not go
out of business.

3. able to do something blindfolded

– able to do something easily and quickly

The car was easy to fix and we were able to do it blindfolded.

4. able to do something standing on one’s head

– able to do something easily and quickly

The boy is good at fixing his bike and can do it standing on his head.

5. able to take a joke

– able to let others laugh and joke about you

Our boss is not able to take a joke and we must be careful what we say
to him.

6. about time

– something that should have happened earlier

It is about time that you returned that book to me.

7. about to (do something)

– on the point of doing something

She was about to leave when the phone rang.

8. above and beyond

– more than is required

The work that the man did on our house was above and beyond what was

9. above reproach

– not deserving of blame or criticism

The actions of the police officer were above reproach.

10. above suspicion

– be very honest so that nobody would suspect you

The man’s actions are always above suspicion.


– forgetful

My grandfather is very absent-minded and often forgets his keys.

12. acid test

– a test where the conclusions are beyond doubt

The problems were an acid test of our faith in the manager.

13. acquire a taste for (something)

– learn to like something

We acquired a taste for classical music during our trip to Europe.

14. across the board

– equally for everyone or everything

The taxes were increased across the board and everyone had to pay

15. act high and mighty

– act proud and powerful

The woman is always acting high and mighty and nobody likes her.

16. act one’s age

– behave as a mature person or at least behave equal to one’s age

My friend never acts her age in public.

17. act up

– misbehave

The children began to act up during the field trip.

18. add fuel to the fire

– make a problem worse, make an angry person angrier

They were adding fuel to the fire when they criticized the angry

19. add insult to injury

– make a person who feels bad feel worse, make a bad situation worse

Our boss added insult to injury when she refused to let us use the
phone as well as the computers during lunch.

20. add up

– total up to a certain amount

I began to add up the money that I owed my father.


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