Pricing for the Proton Iswara replacement model

I have managed to get the pricing for the newest model from Proton which is at the moment known as Proton BLM or the Proton Iswara replacement model. This model will be launched mid of this month. The pricing look very enticing especially for those looking for their first car.

Proton BLM full specifications:

Engine= CAMPRO 1.3 + Intake Air Fuel Module (IAFM)
Engine output= 70KW(94BHP)/6000rpm
L x W x H= 4257mm X 1680mm X 1502mm
Cabin size= 413L
Petrol tank= 40L
Colors = 5 metallic, 2 solid .
Metallic = Genetic Silver, Mountain Blue, Zircon Green, Tranquility Black, Grey.
Solid= Red , White
Warranty= 3 year or 150000 KM
Petrol Consumption= Manual: 5.5L/100KM ,Auto: 6.0L/100KM

3 Variance

-Solid White (bumper & side mirror no paint)
-13″ wheel (175/70R13) *no sport rim / wheel cap
-2 speaker

Base Line
-Auto / Manual
-Metallic / Solid (Full body colour)
-14″ Wheel with cap (180/60R14)
-4 Speaker

-Auto / Manual
-Metallic / Solid (Full body colour)
-14″ Sport rim (185/60R14)
-1 x air bag & Pre-tensioner seatbelt
-4 Speaker

Documents needed for those looking for loan :-

1) I.C.
2) licence

3) Latest 3 months pay slip
4) Bank statement

You can call my friend, Khairul Azmi @ Proton Edar Kg Baru at 0146663609 /
0125309488 to order the car.


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