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I just browsed through my friend’s blog at and still remember that I have made a promise to supply him various plants for him for his new house..I could also see the tag “12 days to go..” and it seems to affect me to.. he he..That’s why I need to start writing on my humble garden so that Bala can view what plants are available for his new spanking garden..The good thing is that his new house is not that far from my house and he could drop by anytime to pick up the plants soon..To Bala, this pictures is 2-3 weeks old and I would update it soon..

Japanese Rose aka Bunga Kembang Sepuluh

This flowering plant only blooms in the morning and last until noon. Very easy to grow it as you only need to cut it’s stem and plant it. There are various colours and mine have the white,red,pink and orange if I am not mistaken.

I don’t know the name of this ‘kunyit’ like plant. I think I have 3 varieties of these and they also grows easily but maybe need constant fertilizer to make it flowers.

I have this plant in abundance to the extent I have dug some out and threw it away.Very hardy and so easy to grow and survive.It come it various colour but the one I have is in white and red..

View of my front or shall I say, my ‘outside’ yard..It has been revamped recently so I would post the latest pics soon..Notice all the big rocks bordering the yard? No, I did not buy it..It was actually dug out from various location in my own yard!Someone told me that the area where my house is located was actually made up of of hills full of stone..That’s when I know the reason why some of the plants I planted did not grow bigger..Damn the rock!But then..rather than whining and complaining I turned it into a blessing by using it for my rock garden.. 🙂

My second book!

My second book, Cara Mudah Menguasai Kemahiran Berbahsa Inggeris 2 – Perbualan Telefon, has been in the market for already one month and I am proud of it as I think it is a well written book and I truly believe it is a good reference for those who wanted to learn the proper way to talk over the phone. Similar to my first book, the explaination is in bahasa Melayu to ensure that it is easier to understand.

Book Cover

The contents of the book are as follows:-

1.1 Kenapa buku ini penting untuk anda?
1.2 Kepentingan perbualan telefonyang betul
1.3 Cara untuk memaksimumkan penggunaan buku ini

2. Grammar mudah untuk perbualan telefon
2.1 Pengenalan
2.2 Perbuatan yang kerap berlaku dan keterangan fakta – Simple Present
2.3 Penggunaan verb + ing untuk perbuatan/aktiviti yang sedang berlaku sekarang

– Present Progressive
2.4 Perbuatan yang berlaku pada masa lepas dengan penunjuk masa – Simple Past
2.5 Perbuatan yang sedang berlaku pada masa lepas – Past Progressive
2.6 Perbuatan yang berlaku pada masa lepas tanpa penunjuk masa – Present Perfect
2.6.1 Situasi Present Perfect # 1 – Perbuatan lepas tanpa penunjuk masa
2.6.2 Situasi Present Perfect # 2 – Perbuatan lepas yang berulang tanpa penunjuk masa
2.6.3 Situasi Present Perfect # 3 – Perbuatan pada masa lepas dengan penggunaan since

dan for
2.7 Perbuatan yang sedang berlaku dengan penunjuk masa – Present Perfect Progressive
2.8 Dua perbuatan yang berlaku pada masa lepas – Past Perfect
2.9 Perbuatan yang berlaku pada masa hadapan – Simple Future
2.10 Sumber-sumber untuk memahirkan perbualan telefon

3. Etiket penggunaan telefon
3.1 Etiket perbualan telefon
3.2 Etiket penggunaan telefon bimbit
3.2.1 Etiket penggunaan telefon bimbit di tempat awam
3.2.2 Etiket penggunaan telefon bimbit di tempat kerja

4. Perbualan telefon yang berkesan
4.1 Menjawab panggilan
4.1.1 Menjawab panggilan luar
4.1.2 Menjawab panggilan dalaman
4.2 Membuat panggilan
4.3 Mengambil pesanan
4.4 Menyambungkan sesuatu panggilan
4.4.1 Apabila panggilan telah disambung
4.5 Menapis panggilan
4.5.1 Contoh menapis panggilan
4.6 Menamatkan perbualan
4.6.1 Meringkaskan perbualan
4.6.2 Menamatkan perbualan

5. Menghubungi syarikat telekom
5.1 Melanggan perkhidmatan telefon
5.2 Melanggan perkhidmatan tambahan
5.3 Laporan kerosakan telefon
5.4 Pertanyaan tentang bil

6. Contoh-contoh perbualan telefon
6.1 Menempah bilik hotel
6.2 Susahnya nak telefon awak!
6.3 Asyik dapat nada talian sibuk sahaja!
6.4 Telefon awak rosak ke?
6.5 Membuat tempahan di restoran
6.6 Bertanyakan tentang rumah sewa
6.7 Bertanyakan lokasi
6.8 Maaf, saya tak terbangun!

7. Perbualan telefon sosial
7.1 Pengenalan
7.2 Etiket perbualan telefon sosial
7.2.1 Membuat panggilan
7.2.2 Menjawab panggilan
7.3 Lain-lain contoh perbualan

8. Temu duga melalui telefon
8.1 Pengenalan
8.2 Persediaan untuk ditemu duga
8.3 Petua-petua menyediakan jawapan
8.4 Contoh-contoh soalan temu duga berserta jawapan
8.5 Perkara yang perlu dielakkan semasa ditemu duga

9. Penutup



I do hope this book will be well receive and will be beneficial in helping others to communicate better.

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